Harvest Baby

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. My favorite. With the weather being gorgeous, it definitely inspired to make something fall-like. I have had a picture laying around I found on Facebook, where the subject was perfect to play with.

The morning started with a usual cup of coffee and a sketch. The central piece surprisingly came out fast. I did not have to make any markups, guide lines etc. The surroundings were random and thrown together perhaps without too great of a detail. Sunflowers were done first. Somehow they go well with the fall theme. The rest of the vegetation was added to fill the space.

About an hour later this is what I got.


The coloring part came in the late afternoon after sufficient time spent outside enjoying the sun. I started at the top with the sunflowers – flowers are generally harder ones for me to draw.

For the media I decided to combine colored pencils and fine tip colored pens. Markers are brighter but blending them is harder. They do look great on smaller elements with finer details.

The background was done first to avoid smudging. Pencils work great blending colors in larger areas.

This is what about 6 to 7 hours of work look like.